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Smalls Business Review & Compilation Services

Whether your company needs a financial statement review to satisfy requirements of creditors, NYC bids, or other funding sources, we can help. We always work to thoroughly understand your business and your goals no matter what level of assurance is needed. We’ll use this knowledge to design the process, timing and extent of the review or compilation. And we’ll help you identify and address any issues your organization may have with internal controls, business processes, cash flow and other areas.   


Not as extensive as a full audit, reviews offer limited assurance that your organization’s financial statements are correct. Generally, your business will need a review when third parties such as investors are looking for some level of assurance that your financial reports are accurate, but don’t require fully audited statements.   


If your organization requires help preparing your financial statements – whether monthly, quarterly or annually – a compilation may be exactly what you need. In a compilation, the most basic process, we will take the data you supply and create financial statements that meet accounting standards. Because a compilation is basic, it will not include an examination of your numbers themselves, or create an opinion or assurance that the numbers are correct. However, we do take the time to understand your business and will take a common sense, high-level look at the financial statements to ensure that they are fairly presented 

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